Please read this agreement and keep it. By paying your monthly membership you sign up to these guidelines.

Created 13th January 2017.

This agreement covers the relationship between you and Cowomoma Ltd Trading as Society1 (we’ll refer to ourselves as “Society1”, “we” or “us”) and covers your membership of the Society1 community and your use of the coworking spaces operated by us at 9-10 Cross Street, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 3LT.


The agreement starts from the date on which you become a member of Society1 by accepting these terms and paying your first membership fee, and continues until the date your membership ends (for whatever reason). We’re not a serviced or fully staffed office, and the following things help us keep our prices accessible.

Society1 is not the average shared office space it is more than that it is a community. The community can not function without its members. We are not here to create lots of rules and regulations but we do need to create a structure for everyone to be part of and work from the same point.

4.1  Member Guidelines

What your need to know:

4.1.1 What is included in your package level is detailed on our website and stated on your member account.

4.1.2 If you are a Permanent Member, you get your own desk and can leave your monitor, keyboard, favourite teddy bear etc.

If you’re on any other membership plan, please sit in a Flexi / Hot Desk space and clear your desk at the end of each day.

The community pass provides membership to our community, not access to the society1 workspace.

4.1.3 Clean up your garbage/trash/rubbish/bits of paper/coffee cups, put used dishes into the dishwasher, keep the space tidy for everyone and recycle.


4.1.4 No illegal bittorrent (don’t bog down the network downloading films all day).

4.1.5    Please pay us on time. Invoices are issued monthly

4.1.6 Violators of our guidelines may be asked to leave. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If you’re asked to leave, you need to skedaddle.

4.1.7    If something needs fixing or replacing at the space, or you need to know how to work the printer / Coffee machine works, ask for help on Slack or/and tell Society1 reception.

4.1.8 Sorry no pets allowed.

4.1.9 We value your feedback, so if we’re not meeting your expectations, let us know asap!

4.2 Your Responsibilities

What we ask from you:

In order to keep things ticking along nicely and our prices accessible, here are some essentials we ask everyone to be mindful of when using the space.

4.2.1    You break or lose it, you replace it. We are not talking about an odd cup or glass here, we ask that you take care of the big things around the building like your would your own belongings in your own home.

4.2.2    Bring problems with plumbing, electrical, door access, flooding, 
broken lockboxes, natural disasters, dishwashers, toilet paper etc. to the attention of Society1 reception or email

4.2.3 Never give out Society1 door access to anyone. Your door access is for you only.

4.2.4 Learn how to reset the Society1 routers and use this as a first defence against an internet outage.

4.2.5 Pay your membership fees by there due date for the month ahead. We will not chase you down. The membership system will automatically turn off your access if you do not pay.

4.2.6 Engage in meaningful greetings. Pop in and out of all areas and offices to connect with one another.

4.2.7 Equipment and professional liability is your own responsibility (our insurance can’t cover it). Ask your insurance provider for “renter’s insurance.”

4.2.8 Cleaning up after yourself, washing your dishes and tidying up is everyone’s responsibility. We work together to maintain a space we feel proud of.

4.2.9    Leave the spaces as you found them, or in better shape.

4.2.10Anyone who behaves in a manner that is destructive to the space or the members may be asked to leave. If anyone in our space makes you feel uncomfortable, bring it to our attention right away.

4.2.11Be responsible and respectful with your internet usage. No bittorrent or illegal activities. Respect other people’s privacy, confidentiality, safety, property and data. If the police come looking for you, we will give you up immediately.

4.2.12 Back-up your data. If we have a power outage or the internet  goes down, we’re not responsible for any work you may lose.

4.2.13Don’t use drugs. Don’t drink to excess whilst at the space. Don’t use offensive language or threatening behaviour towards any other member.

4.2.14We don’t have car parking available. There is car parking at Avenham Car park at the end of the road. Or use public transport or cycle. A bike rack is located in the basement of the building you are responsible for locking up your bike appropriately.

4.2.15 Society1 members may sign for other members’ packages, but it isn’t guaranteed. Plan accordingly.

4.2.16 The last member out of each space is responsible for closing windows, shutting off lights and firmly closing all doors.

4.2.17 There’s a kitchen provided on the ground floor and a coffee area in the main space. Please treat the space as you would at home and keep all areas tidy. Put dishes in the dishwasher and empty it if you see it’s ready. The bins are emptied once a week so please take any large items to the main bins at the back of the building.

4.2.18 Use of the kitchen, fridge and eating area. The fridge is cleared out every Sunday so if there’s something you want to keep, please label it!

4.2.19 We don’t expect everyone to work is quiet library conditions, this is an open space afterall. We do however ask you to be respectful of the people around you. So if you have a long / loud phone call take it in an appropriate place

4.3 Payments and Cancellations

4.3.1 Membership fees are displayed including 20% VAT.

4.3.2 We provide access to the space and community in return for you paying your membership fee. Please pay it on time, by credit or debit card – either using the card machine at reception or via your online login on our website.

4.3.3 You pay for use depending on your membership level. No refunds or pro rata discounts are available.

4.3.4 If you would like to cancel a Flexi or Full Time Membership, please give us 1 month’s notice so we can plan for the arrival of new members.

4.3.5 We may cancel your membership at any time if you break any terms of this agreement, don’t pay your fees on time, or for any other reason.

4.3.6 Your membership is personal to you and is not transferable to another person. If you have a guest who would like to visit for a day, a week or longer, that’s great! Please let us know and we can get them set up.

4.4 Legal

4.4.1 Where your membership entitles you to access the space, this is a licence to use the space, and does not give you an exclusive right to any part of the space. You are responsible for ensuring that the space meets your needs and we make no warranties or representations that the space is suitable for the purpose you intend to use it for.

4.4.2 Sometimes events happen that are out of our control. These include things like strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire, power outages, internet downtime or the delay or failure in manufacture, production, or supply by third parties of equipment or services. Such events may prevent us from providing you with access to the space, providing the services in whole or in part, or may prevent you from performing your obligations under this agreement. In such cases both parties agree that the other party will not be liable for any delay or failure in performing their obligations.

4.4.3 You agree that you not an employee of Soicety1. You are responsible for complying with all laws, taxes, rules and regulations that apply to your work.

4.4.4 Society1 is a collaborative workspace, and you may find that you are working in close proximity to individuals or organisations that compete with your business. It is your responsibility to ensure that any obligations you may have regarding proximity and/or confidentiality with respect to such competing organisations and other members generally are adhered to. Due to the shared nature of the space, sensitive information may sometimes be overheard, and you agree to respect the right of privacy and confidentiality of other members in such circumstances.

4.4.5 We maintain a public liability insurance policy that covers the space and we carry our own contents insurance. Our contents insurance does not extend to your property or the property of your guests. You should make your own insurance arrangements to ensure that your property and any other liabilities are covered. We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any of your property left unattended or unsecured in the space.


4.4.6 We may amend the terms of this agreement at any time. If we choose to do so, we will give you reasonable notice.