Coworker Projects: Chris Hunter, HM Networks



By Catarina King, co-founder Society1.

We love hearing about amazing projects and collaborations at Society1. There are so many different types of businesses in our community with such a range of focus. As part of our Coworker Projects series we caught up with Chris Hunter, HM Network, he has been a member at Society1 for a long time and has been involved in lots of initiatives with us, from featuring in a video, to taking part in our Ideas Lab days at Society1.

Chris is one of the co founders of HM Network. A Preston based business communications company, also helping customers with cyber awareness and cyber security.

I caught up with Chris about a new project he is working on.

Tell us about the project you are working on at the moment:


Crikey, quite a lot going on at the moment actually. Some of which is a little hush hush right now but I can spill the beans on some of the projects.




Ok first up, I have been working on this moustache since Covid hit. I have never really been blessed with the ability to grow facial hair very well but given that we would be working from home for a number of months thought I would give it a go.

If nothing else it is a talking point and a good way to break the ice on Zoom meetings. I quite like it although it can get in the way at meal times…. might need to get a moustache net 🙂


Secondly we are running a Technology voucher scheme for schools. 

The whole covid situation has demonstrated that schools with the right types of connectivity, have been able to adapt to deal with remote working and virtual classes much easier than those on outdated legacy connections and systems. We are offering schools a review of their connectivity, seeing if there are any areas we can support them with big bandwidth internet services, cloud telephony etc so that they can work and learn from anywhere they need to, in the school or at home without it impacting on the learning experience. As an added bonus, any schools that do take up our services, are entitled to our TECH VOUCHER from us which can be worth between £10 – £20k. 

They can redeem them against tech goodies to enhance learning like 3D printers, Virtual and Augmented reality gear, music and media technology… as well as computers, network & WiFi equipment.


Thirdly, we recently launched something called a Human Vulnerability Assessment which is FREE for organisations of 10 users or more. In a nutshell it helps organisations get visibility of employees attitudes towards Cyber Security. It helps identify problem areas and change cultures. The assessment run scenarios and asks staff a series of questions about how they would deal with things such as suspicious emails or text messages, if they know what malware is and does, how they use passwords online etc.. It takes around 10 minutes, and the results are anonymized and get fed into a report. The report shows an employer what their top 10 risks are based on the results.

We give everyone who took part access to a video based e learning module to address the number one risk on the report. It’s fun and engaging and not death by powerpoint as some can be.

The report and access to 1 training module is free. If the business likes the style and content, we have something called a Culture Package which gives users access to around 50 bite sizes e learning modules covering loads of GDPR, data privacy and and cyber related training. Having worked in a big corporation before, I know training can be boring, this however is quite fun and enjoyable. A years access to the content typically between £20 and £45 per user. Great value really.


One last question, we have to ask… why do you like working at Society1?

Chris: The people, the surroundings, the in house talent. With COVID a lot of main offices have closed their doors. Home working can be good, but being able to see people face to face when needed in the socially distanced flesh, is invaluable.
Having the ability to work from somewhere that you can bounce ideas off people is great. Having a change of scenery from your home office or kitchen table is also important for mental health.

Society1 is a community. A melting pot of great businesses who can often help one another and create opportunities for one another. We like society1 x

Thank you Chris for sharing with us about your exciting new projects. We like you too. 


If you are interested in connecting with Chris or finding out more about HM Network and their projects connect with them here: 


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