Coworker Projects: Marcus Johnson, Glacé Media



By Catarina King, co-founder Society1.


We love hearing about amazing projects and collaborations at Society1. There are so many different types of businesses in our community with such a range of focus. 

As part of our Coworker Projects series we caught up with Marcus Johnson, Glacé Media

Marcus joined Society1 as we came out of lockdown earlier this year. Marcus wanted a place to come, on an ad hoc basis to break up the days working at home.

I caught up with Marcus to find out about what he has been working on recently:

Society1: Tell us a bit about you and your business?

MarcusHi, I’m Marcus and I run a video production company called Glacé Media. We produce promotional video content that brands and businesses use within their marketing campaigns across social media. I have a background in social media marketing which means that when we work with clients we centre our attention on making sure the videos we produce will perform as well as possible across their social media channels.

Beyond this, we like to experiment and develop our skills as filmmakers. Earlier this year we released our first ever short film called “Joel”,(watch is here). We have also worked on high-end TV adverts and are currently working on a wildlife documentary.

Society1: Tell us about a project you are working on.

Marcus: A project that we’re working on that I’m very excited about is alongside a clothing brand called LooseHeadz. LooseHeadz produce casual rugby attire, with the drive of their business to raise money and awareness to tackle the stigma behind mental health.

The video we are working on with them is an emotive piece aimed to share the message behind their latest campaign that emphasises that rugby means more than just the sport itself. The brand has written an emotive piece on their website drawing attention to the wider benefits of being part of the rugby community and how ultimately the sport is more than just a game, it’s a community bringing all sorts of people together.

The video itself will use videos and photos from their archives alongside a passionate reading of the written piece. This will be scored with relevant music to offer an uplifting and passionate sentiment to the whole video. Through this piece, we really want to bring to life the message in their writing and make sure what they are communicating with their audience lands as powerfully as possible.

Ultimately this is what we look to do with everything we produce. However, with this brand having such a strong underlying message, it makes this video even more exciting to work on.

Society1: Has the last year changed how you work? Do you think these changes will stay as you move forward?

Marcus: The main way the last year has adapted how we work has been that we have now found ways to offer video solutions to our clients that can be produced remotely. We’ve always been able to produce video content that doesn’t require filmed footage, with animated videos always being popular. However, with filming being restricted during the first lockdown, we’ve pushed to find more and better ways to increase our offering of remotely produced content.

One of the main results of this has been our product videos. These are high-quality videos of various consumer products that we shoot remotely from our own studio set-up. They give a fantastically detailed look at the physicality of a product, meaning they are great for e-commerce purposes as well as within social media marketing campaigns. We also combine our animation capabilities with this to give the videos that extra bit of standout branding.

These have been great as the process is very simple for the client. They just post us their products, brief us on what they would like doing and then we crack on.

On top of this, we’ve found new ways to re-purpose old content. Social media adverts lend themselves very well to this. With the message of the advert being the key to making it work, we can use old footage with new messaging and designs to align with targeted ad campaigns. A great option for clients who don’t want to embark on more filming.

Society1: It is so lovely to see businesses around us starting to open up again, what are you looking forward to as restrictions start easing?


I’m really excited about being able to meet people in person again. Never have I longed for a networking event so much. I’ve always loved seeing people face to face, however, the last year or so has heightened that even more.

Part of why I like the type of business I run is that a lot of the projects are built on collaboration. Being able to speak to someone and see their excitement for the ideas that they have is very infectious and is one of the main things that keeps me driven.

The more I can meet up with the people and share thoughts and ideas the better. So roll on the times that we can mingle and openly empty our heads over a beer!

Society1: One last question, we have to ask… why do you like working at Society1?

Marcus: Society1 has been an unbelievable space for me to focus as well as feel inspired amongst other people doing similar things. Lockdown drove me crazy physically working from home and the space Society1 have created is so conducive to creativity and productivity.

On top of that, it’s an amazing business. All of the S1 team are extremely friendly and I’ve already had great chats with them all. I love the independent nature of the business as it definitely helps give an even greater community vibe to the place.

I’m really looking forward to meeting more of the other members, having loads of interesting conversations and hopefully collaborating on projects in the future.


Thank you Marcus for sharing with us about you and your business. We love that you enjoy coming to Society1 and being part of our community.

If you are interested in finding out more about Glacé Media and the services Marcus offers, visit his website or connect via the links above.

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