Coworker Projects: Mich Bondesio, Listenable Audio Course.



By Catarina King, co-founder Society1.

We love hearing about amazing projects and collaborations at Society1. There are so many different types of businesses in our community with such a range of projects. One of our resident coworkers Mich Bondesio has been busy during lockdown creating a new online audio course. We caught up with her to find out more.
Tell us a bit about you and your project:
Mich:  Hi I’m Mich (pronounced Mish). I’m a business performance coach, consultant and the founder of Growth Sessions. I work with people in creative and digitally-focused businesses. The aim is to help them develop more mindful approaches to work, that support their wellbeing, creativity and productivity better. 

Tell us about the project you are working on:

Mich: Shortly after I launched my recent Skillshare video class, I was approached by a US-based online learning platform, Listenable, to create a new audio course for their members. Over the last month, I’ve been writing the content and recording the lessons, and the course has just gone live.

The topic of my Growth Sessions audio course is about how to develop our intentional productivity. It covers practical ways to manage our stress, and support our focus and flow better. This is particularly relevant in the current time, given all the extra environmental stressors which are negatively affecting our wellbeing and productivity.

What I like about the audio learning format is that it’s more accessible to busy people who may only be in a position to learn in short, bite-sized chunks. It requires less effort for them, than watching a video.

This self-paced course has been an excellent opportunity to create an additional asset for my online business, to complement my podcast and other online coaching offerings. I’m excited to see how it is received by an international market.


One last question, we have to ask… why do you like working at Society1?

Mich: Society1 is a friendly, comfortable and supportive workspace. I love the quirky, creative decor, the variety of working spaces to choose from, and the sense of community that has been created so carefully. All of these things inspire me in my work. 

Before lockdown, I ran most of my workshops from Society1, and I miss that ability to have face-to-face group sessions. I now run those workshops online, but I still love coming into Society1 regularly for a change of work place and space.

Thank you Mich for sharing your project with us. We will definitely be tuning in. I think we are interested in looking at how we manage our time and productivity in this new world of working right now.

If you interested on tuning in to Mich’s audio course you can find in on the Listenable website here.

You can find out more about Mich and her Growth Sessions programmes on her website.

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