Coworker Projects: Sarah and Stephen, CREOTEMPUS.



By Catarina King, co-founder Society1.

Sarah and Stephen have been members at Society1 since day one. They are mega busy people and work on lots of different fields including their Sales and Customer service training company, Selling Sells Ltd. 

Their main focus is CREOTEMPUS Ltd, this is centred on selling products for global companies in the engineering sector. They are responsible for Roller Chain, Belts, Industrial Gearboxes and Coupling Manufactures. The companies they work with have a combined turnover of £273million a year so as you can imagine this keeps them rather busy! 

Sarah and Stephen are responsible for Europe, Canada and America so normally they spend lots of time travelling to these places but more recently they have been travelling the world via Zoom!


As part of their work they have recently produced a demonstration video of the coupling in action. They have had to find inventive ways to showcase their products when they are conversing with clients digitally. Normally they would be able to show clients in person or at trade shows, but they like most businesses are finding ways to adapt to working under new parameters.


Check out their demo video here:
 We asked Sarah and Steve to tell us more about this new project.

Tell us about the project you are working on at the moment:

Sarah and Stephen: One of our exciting products we represent is fairly new to the European market even though it has been manufactured for 15yrs in Australia. We are tasked with sourcing Distributors, training them on how to sell and how to be excellent at customer service as they are represent the brands we cater for. We are benefitting manufacturing plants such as Paper Mills, Steel Mills, Water Treatment Plants, Defence and Yachts. These Couplings have no competition because they are unique and a first improvement in engineering of CV joints in the last 70yrs. The TCAE model is special because is almost eliminates vibration between connected devices such as pumps and motors, this in itself can save manufacturing companies thousands as it helps protect the expensive connected equipment. It has been hugely successful in Defence- But we aren’t allowed to talk about the specifics, we do however have several case studies on the website for Thompson Couplings- the manufacturers of the coupling. We would really like to showcase this to British manufacturing as they don’t seem to have heard of it, every time we showcase this to the engineers they are so excited as they have never seen anything like this before!



This is a picture of us in Paris at the POWERGEN exhibition when we used to be allowed to mingle in the thousands. This is the Thompson Couplings Ltd Demo Kit.

Why do you enjoy working at Socoiety1?:
From our first experience of Society1 it completely transformed our attitude to working remotely, being in an environment where people are welcoming, passionate and so varied really is inspiring and talking with other members of Society1 really has opened doors which otherwise we would never have known about. One example was a simple chat by the coffee machine which resulted in us speaking at Europes largest Waste Water conference in Portugal just 2 weeks after meeting a member who had links to this industry. Having the superfast internet connection there means there are no glitches when zooming around the world! So many companies large and small have realised the benefit of working from Society1, the flexibility of the membership packages means we can choose our days, increase or decrease them as needed and the best part is having the different floors to work from depending on what we are doing on the day, having professional back drops to our meetings too. Unlike working from home there are no distractions such as our pets, children or even tidying the house. It has become our little oasis to work from and be more productive. If you haven’t had a day working from Society1 I would strongly urge you to book your free day and experience the benefits of a co-working space at its best and the coffee machine is a bonus too!
Thank you Sarah and Stephen for sharing your project with us. If you would like to find out more information about CREOTEMPUS then take a look at their website and contact Sarah and Steve.



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