Coworker Projects: Snug Media with INTU Evolution Tap.



By Catarina King, co-founder Society1.

We love hearing about amazing projects and collaborations at Society1. One of our resident teams Snug Media have been busy working on this fantastic project with INTU Evolution. This is a tap that we will all want in our kitchen!

Snug Media are a design agency specialising in graphic, web and print. They are a super experienced team who are committed to working with their clients to achieve their goals.

Snug have been at Society1 for over a year now. Simon, Barry and Kieran are the team behind Snug Media busy creating wonderful work for their clients. They are a fab team, we love having them at Society1 in one of our team spaces on the top floor. 

 We caught up with Kieran to talk about one of the projects they are working on at the moment.
 Tell us a bit about Snug Media:
Kieran: Welcome to Snug Media – your friendly design and digital partner. We work with your business to improve your assets and increase your return. Our team of professionals work together with your business to deliver meaningful results based on your requirements. With many years experience in different industries we have proven solutions for every type of business.

Tell us about the project you are working on:

One of our current partnerships is with a new company who provide technologically advanced kitchen taps – focused on reducing water and plastic waste while increasing safety and health at home. We initially worked with INTU Evolution to create a brand identity, marketing assets and website to sell products online and educate new users about the benefits customers will experience using their kitchen taps.

Since launching the website in March 2020 we have worked together with INTU Evolution to increase their product awareness, with web sales reaching £40K+ within just 3 months, and continuing to increase month on month. By working closely with our customer we can see where improvements can be made and we have even developed and designed a brand new product with our customer that will be launched early 2021.

As a result of the work we have done together our customer has been able to purchase three times more stock than previously and has the confidence that business growth will continue to increase as our partnership develops. Exciting times lay ahead for INTU Evolution and we are proud to be a part of it.

This project sounds amazing and you have achieved amazing results already. What a fantastic product to work on! Thank you for sharing this work with us.

One last question, we have to ask… why do you like working at Society1?

Society1 is a powerful pocket of professionals – it’s friendly, social and open environment allows for conversations and collaborations to come naturally to its members. The team behind Society1 can’t help you enough and welcome a wide range of industry professionals through their doors. Make sure you pop in to see Society1 if you haven’t already.

Wow, thank you Kieran. That is an amazing thing to hear. We try so hard to create the right environment at Society1. We love that you enjoy being here and feel it benefits you and your business.

You can read more about the Snug media and what other projects they are involved in on their website here.

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