Coworker Projects: The Proper Guide to Preston



By Catarina King, co-founder Society1.

We love hearing about amazing projects and collaborations at Society1. A recent collaboration between Ben Hackett, Proper Thinking and Shane Davis, Ptown  is a brilliant one. Ben and Shane are both members at Society1 and are working together on the production of the Proper Preston Guide.

The Guide is a printed guide designed to champion local and independent businesses in Preston. Shane and Ben are passionate about their home city and want to fly the flag for the businesses who are here offering fantastic products and services. 

 About Shane Davis:

Shane Davis is the brains behind Ptown. Ptown is a podcast production who support creativity and innovation in the city of Preston. Ptown has recorded a series of interesting Podcasts with businesses around the city. The most recent one has just gone live featuring Andy Walmsley from Wash Design. Catch up on all the episodes on the Ptown website here.

We asked Shane to tell us a bit more about the Proper Guide to Preston project:

Shane, where did the idea for the Proper Guide to Preston come from:

I got together with Ben on the Proper Guide to Preston as we believe’s that a lot of the great places the city are underrepresented in literature about the city. Their aim is to create The Proper Guide to Preston to correct for this. The book will include all the best places to go in Preston with detailed descriptions, photographs and tips. We will also be suggesting routes through the city with suggested stop off points for refreshments. This project is exciting as it captures both the can-do attitude of Prestonians and our collaborative ethos. 

We always have to ask – Shane, what do you enjoy about working at Society1?:

I believe that the environment impacts are mindsets and behaviours. Working around other creatives in my hometown lifts my game and helps me to get in the zone. The addition of being able to have random chats with people after lockdown is an appreciated perk also 😉

About Ben Hackett:

Ben is the founder of Proper Thinking. Proper Thinking offers creative marketing whilst trying to place an emphasis on sustainability throughout all that we do. Ben works regularly at Society1 and collaborates with other members too. He recently assisted Garth Dew on a film project that he did with Instagram influencer and Salomon ambassador Rory Southworth. The film was part of a Salomon series called Any Path You Way and was filmed in the Lake District. Take a look at the video here.

We asked Ben to tell us a bit more about the Proper Guide to Preston project from his perspective:

Ben, where did the idea for the Proper Guide to Preston come from:

I think the idea for the guide hit me when Nando’s won best restaurant in Preston and a Wetherspoons won best pub. I thought it was such a shame that the great small, independent shops and businesses we have in our city weren’t being represented. The aim of the guide is to shout about the wonderful local businesses we have on our doorstep.

We always have to ask – Ben, what do you enjoy about working at Society1?:

I think the space promotes creativity. As Shane said, working around so many like-minded individuals is so helpful, especially when I find myself in a creative lull!


You can read more about the guide and plans for how to make it happen in Ptown’s recent article here. If you are interested in featuring I am sure the guys would love to here from you. You can drop them a line on the Ptown website.

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