Coworker Top Tips : How to get started podcasting.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in our community at Society1. One of the great benefits to coworking is being able to share this and help each other out. This happens in so many ways, naturally over a coffee, in a Skills Share, on our Slack Chat and now in this Coworkers Top Tips series. We invite one of our members to share  their Top Tips on something they are passionate about.



Coworker Shane Davis shares his Top Tips of How to get started podcasting.

Shane is the founder of Ptown Studios a creative agency flying the flag of Preston people and businesses. Shane coworks at Society1. He is passionate about everything creative from photography, film to podcasts and music.

Shane “Ptown started out in 2019 as an idea conceived in the beer garden of The New Continental on a sunny April afternoon. Since then we have been having and sharing conversations with Prestonians who are passionate about taking the city forward.

This year, Ptown Podcast became Ptown Studios as we began to work with other groups and produce podcasts, photography and videography for them. Our goal is to become the go-to creative agency for small businesses and creatives in the city. Be that help with online content, in creating a podcast of their own, or help with branding and social media.

We believe a rising tide raises all ships, and so carrying on with our initial goal of the podcast to showcase the city’s talent, our mission is to take what we have done with Ptown and help to do the same for others.”

Are you interested in starting a Podcast? Do you have a Podcast and you need to refine your skills. Shane shared with us his Top Tips to creating quality Podcast. 


Podcasting has exploded in popularity over the past 17 years and with that explosion has come a plethora of formats including story telling, comedy, interviews and life advice, even a podcast about a little city called Preston ;). Due to the low barrier to entry for producing a podcast over other media such a video, podcasting is within reach for any creative. So, after 2 years or producing Ptown and other podcasts we thought we would help get you started with our top 5 tips/steps to get your podcast off the ground and on the air.


When we started Ptown it was from the desire to have conversations with people who are working to push Preston forward with the hope that sharing those conversations will help dispel the idea of “we are just a town” or “we aren’t Manchester or Liverpool” and inspire others to change the cutlure for the better. 

With this goal as our “why” of starting the podcast, it was easier to select guests, ask the right questions and keep the podcast moving forward. 

The vast majority of podcasts suffer from “pod-fade” and die out around episode seven.  To avoid your podcast fading out, ensure that you understand the “Why” or your podcast, and use this as your compass to keep focus whilst podcasting. 


Before anyone listens to your podcast, the first thing that they will see when scrolling the podcast app will be your cover art.  Take time to ensure that this “digital billboard” for your podcast makes the scroller want to check out your show. Keep in mind that you want to grab attention,  generate an interest and a desire to take action and tap on your show.

When we started Ptown our cover art was a microphone with illustrations of buildings of Preston inside of it. We recently updated this to just the word Ptown with a modified ‘t’ to look like the bus station.  Early on it seems obvious that the artwork for a podcast should have some sort of microphone or headphones in the design, but I don’t think this is so anymore. Movies and videos don’t have camera or film tape reels to indicate they are a movie and if somebody is looking through their podcast app looking for a podcast, you don’t need to constrain your design by pointing out the obvious. 

So try to have fun with your artwork and tie the design into your ‘why’ from point 1. We changed our logo but kept that reference to Preston as that what our podcast is about. So, what is your podcast about? What is your why? and how do the colours and designs you use reinforce and work with your style?

Lastly, if you publishing your podcast on apple podcasts, your image should be 3000px x 3000px and a PNG or JPG.


Whilst you can produce a podcast for free and record it on your mobile phone, we suggest that if you make one investment, that it be on a decent microphone. Most of us know from Zoom and phone calls that bad audio is intolerable and there is no quicker way to put someone off your podcast than if the audio is of bad quality.

You can pick up a decent USB microphone for around £100 that will produce clear results.


You don’t have to be a full blown sound technician to produce a podcast but it does help with the above point if you can tidy the audio up and make it sound a little better for your listener.


If you have a guest on your podcast you ought to do some research on them and preparation for the interview. It is not just the professional way but a courtesy to your guest that you put the time in to preparing for the interview. That being said, whilst researching your guests and preparing questions is fundamental, do not feel that you have to stick stringently to the plan. The best interviews and conversations are those that evolve naturally and develop their own pace and rhythm. 

So be prepared, but don’t let your preparation get in the way of the conversation.

You can find Shane’s Podcast library on the Ptown website and on your favourite audio platform. If you have an interesting story to tell I am sure he would love hear from you too…..

Thank you Shane for sharing your Top Tips with us. 

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