Gigabyte line at Society1

Society1 invests in a Gigabyte Lease Line, providing fast and reliable internet to its members and users of their coworking space.

We are really pleased to share that we have invested in a gigabyte line providing a fast and reliable internet for everyone working at Society1. We made the decision to do this before lock down and COVID-19 as we were getting increasingly busy and felt that it was needed in order to provide everyone with the stable connection they need to carry out the work. We are confident that this investment will be worthwhile and needed as we return back to work. We reopened following our closure due to COVID-19 on the 1st June, putting into place safety measures to ensure that we provide a safe space to work.

We are really excited to add this fantastic technology to our coworking space for our members. Our membership is growing so a large guaranteed fast and stable connection is so important for the businesses working at Society1. We have a wide variety of creative and digital businesses who rely on a fast connection. We have visualisation specialists, architects, programmers, videographers to name just a few businesses who are already seeing the benefit of this investment.

Catarina King, Co-Founder.

Preston has a growing creative and digital business community. Vital infrastructure investments like this are exactly what the city centre needs to attract people to work in Preston.

In the last 3 years we have seen continued investment in the city area around us. We are keen to play our part in this development and provide better services for the local businesses who use us. Strong digital infrastructure is required to support our members businesses grow.

Brendan King, Co-Founder.

We are looking forward to seeing more and more people returning to our workspace as we all find our way out of lockdown in the the coming weeks and months. It has been wonderful to see members back in the space over the last couple of weeks.

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