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Let’s Talk….Spaces and Places

The Role of Cultural and Creative Institutions Roundtable, In association with the Harris Museum, Art Gallery and Library & Society1.

Last Thursday we held one of our regular Let’s Talk evenings at Society1.

The focus of the evening was the role of cultural and creative institutions such as museums, libraries, arts and cultural institutions in cities of the future. We heard presentations from: 

Jon Finch, Preston City Council, Head of Culture, Re-Imagining The Harris – Project Leader. Talking about the ambitious plans for the Harris Museum in Preston and how they want to integrate a depth of use for the museum and develop ways in which the Preston community can use and interact with the space. We even got a sneaky peak of the new layout.

Hannah Fox, Project Director of the Silk Mill Derby, who explained their programme of regeneration for the Silk Mill Derby and how they engaged with the community to meet their wants and needs from this iconic public building.

Andrew Erskine: Tom Fleming Consulting  Talking about some of the innovative ways institutions are working to engage users and opportunities for Lancashire. He showed us he top list of cultural buildings around the world from which we all can pull some inspiration.

We had a fantastic attendance for this event with discussion and input flowing from all areas of the floor. It is clear to see that cultural buildings, steeped with history, play a huge role in binding communities and giving people a sense of ownership and belonging to their homes.

Points raised about using spaces for creative events, music and making rank high on peoples wants and wish lists for cultural venues. In the age of information, through digital platforms, we interact with cultural spaces differently than we used to. We seek our knowledge from the internet and digital platforms which opens the opportunity for cultural spaces to be used to expand peoples knowledge through culture, art, practical endeavours, work space and entertainment.


Modern cultural spaces need to be multi functional to engage with their communities. They should listen to their audience, adapt, change and grow to remain sustainable in the modern, dynamic world. We all agreed that cultural spaces play a huge roll in modern cities offering a place for people to engage, work, learn, entertain and relax.

Society1 hosts these creative discussion evenings regularly in association with 

Creative Lancashire and Digital Lancashire.

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