December is always a good time for reflection.

I thought I would have a look back over the last 12 months. We have had an amazing year at Society1, it is easy to take for granted all the wonderful things that happen when you are busy and focusing on what is next. I thought I would share some of our highlights.


In the last year: 


# We launched three Society1 initiatives. Skills Scrum bite-sized learning, Monthly Business Clinic Days and our regular Let’s Talk evenings. 


We have hosted 379 meetings and workshops at Society1. That’s a lot of learning and brainstorming!


 Our community grew by 46 to a total of 97 people regularly working at Society1. We love our community and are so excited about what we can achieve in 2019 together.


We have seen businesses grow, develop and work with other members of the Society1 community.


# We visited Number 10 Downing Street representing Lancashire Businesses with Boost Lancashire and Enterprise Nation.


One of our Let’s Talk events featured as part of the award winning Festival of Making.

We love the idea that we can help businesses in Lancashire work together. A positive community ready to help and work together. Seeing our community grow gives us a warm fuzzy feeling. We are so grateful for all the lovely people who have chosen to work in our space and make our days so lovely. 


We have been humbled and amazed by the lovely comments we have received from our community about their experience in joining our coworking space:


Mark: ‘After moving back to Preston from Amsterdam I never thought I would find something like this. You made my move back to the UK so much easier’.


Steffan: ‘the benefits of working at Society1 are so much more than just a desk. It’s the people and the support that makes it special’.


Mel: ‘Sharing a space with other freelancers is perfect and has allowed me to use their services for my own business, so far we have given work to developers, film, marketing and health and wellbeing professionals’


Chris: ‘The people, the environment, the way different individuals come and go which means you get a really good mix of people to bounce ideas off, and also get different opinions on things. There have been a few spin off projects and a number of great relationships developed from spending time at Society1.’


Mich: ‘I had been looking for a place where I could connect with like-minded, creative people, and finally found it when I attended a workshop being held at Society1. I was attracted to the down-to-earth friendliness of the team and the culture they have created here’.


Thank you all for choosing Society1Here’s to an amazing 2018 and an even better 2019.


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