Meet our Partners: The CWS Creatives.

We work with a number of organisations and groups in and around Preston and Lancashire. Our relationships with these groups are invaluable to us and our community. We are taking some time in our blogs to introduce our members to the partners we work with. This week we focus on our relationship with The CWS Creatives.

I first came to know Morgana, the founder of CWS Creatives on social media, she was clearly passionate about creative businesses and people. In the same way we are! I also spotted she was starting a group called the Coffee Work Sleep Creatives which was aimed at bringing creative female business owners together online and in person at a regular meet up. It was clear we had to meet…. Morgana came to meet us at Society1 and discuss the possibility of having their meet ups here and the rest as they say is history. The CWS creative have been meeting at Society1 for over a year now.

Unfortunately in person meet ups are on hold at the moment due to COVID, but we look forward to hosting another one soon.

The CWS creative is a really welcoming group. It is not a typical networking group with elevator pitches and sales. It is an open and friendly group of business owners ready to share and support. If you have your own creative business or are starting out. This group is well worth a look. We value our relationship with CWS creatives and hope to be able to be back hosting their meet ups soon.

Credit the @fish2commercial for the photos.

We recently caught up with Morgana as part of our Instagram Meet our Partners series. We asked them to share a bit about things from their perspective. Here’s what they said:

Tell us a bit about CWS Creatives.

CWS Creatives is a group of female creative business owners. We have an online community and before lockdown we held monthly meet ups and other events like Photowalks and workshops.

What is your current focus?

Well, we’re all definitely missing meeting up face to face right now so we’ve been focusing on staying connected through our facebook group and have moved our Meet Ups onto Zoom. There’s a real mix of experiences at the moment, some have taken a break, others have continued working through as normally as they can while others are just trying to juggle everything while working from home.

How do you work with Society1?

Society1 have hosted our monthly Meet Ups for over a year, providing us with the perfect space to connect and get to know other female business owners and freelancers in the North West.

Thank you Morgana and the CWS Creatives community for your support. Now more than ever relationships are important. We value our connection with CWS Creatives and look forward to working together as we navigate our way through our ‘new normal’.

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