Meet the Coworker: Lucy Edwards, LAE Consultancy



By Kally Draycott, Co-Working Space Coordinator & Host. 


We love hearing about amazing projects and collaborations at Society1. There are so many different types of businesses in our community with such a range of focus. 

As part of our Coworker Projects series we caught up with Lucy Edwards, of LAE Consultancy.

Lucy is a Preston-based freelance art consultant and artist advisor who specialises in New Contemporary and Urban Art. She’s also an all-round great gal! 

Lucy has been a member of Society 1 since earlier this year and has quickly settled in to the Coworking lifestyle. 

I sat down with Lucy this week to have a cup of coffee and a chat, and find out more about what she does and why Society 1 is a great space for her to work from. 

S1: Tell us a bit about you and your business! 

Lucy: Hello! I’m Lucy! I’m a 34 year old freelance art consultant, curator and artist advisor within the New Contemporary and Urban Art sector. I work under my own company – LAE @laeconsultancy (pronounced ELL-OH-EE) and an international art platform called MONIKER who made their name by spending the last 10 years producing annual art fairs in London and NYC. Alongside this, we manage large public art murals, conference and educational activations, brand partnerships and immersive exhibitions – all in the name of supporting and promoting galleries, curators, and artists from all over the world. 

I’m originally from the North West but built my career from the ground up by working in various London galleries throughout my twenties, before moving back to Preston just after my 30th birthday – and boy, is it good to be home! I still venture to the Big Smoke to manage a booth at art fairs such as Photo London or The Affordable Art Fair but my main base is Preston and that’s the way I like it. 

S1: What makes Preston so special that you’d prefer to be based here instead of somewhere like London? 

Lucy: That’s easy! It’s my home! It’s where my people are at! I love having the sense of community and I really missed it in London. Even though I still have some very close friends there it’s so difficult to make plans or see anyone easily because we were dotted all over the city – I wish they would all move here! My Dad was born and bred in Chorley so I’ve always been a sucker for a Northern accent – it makes me feel at ease. As Tim at Secret Industries would say – “The North is Ace” 



S1: Tell us about a project you’re currently working on. 

Lucy: There’s lots I would love to tell you about, but don’t want to waffle on and bore anyone! We’ve just signed off on a large Leeds-based mural project that I will be managing – I’m very excited to have a project up North! We will be continuing our curatorial collaboration with our friends and parters at Creative Debuts taking over the Adidas flagship store on Oxford Street, London – dates coming soon! And then there’s the Moniker Editions programme, where we release a print each month with one of our star artists and donate 15% of the proceeds to charity and the Digital Artist Grant – a no-strings-attached grant of £500 awarded to two artists per month. Artists – APPLY HERE! 

S1: Has the last year changed how you work? Do you think these changes will stay as you move forward? 

Lucy: Since becoming freelance over the last 5 years or so, I have become accustomed to working from here, there and everywhere so I suppose the last year hasn’t really changed much for me in that capacity – I do miss a lot of the galleries, fairs, and colleagues who had to close/change career due to all that happened during lockdown but hoping they will be able to get back on their feet soon! 

S1: One last question, we have to ask… why do you like working at Society1?

Lucy: I mean I loved working from S1 anyway – the building is so well put together with its quirky decor, house plant family and friendly atmosphere – but now Miss Kally Draycott is part of the team it’s even better! If Society1 was a very yummy cake, then she would be the cherry on top! 

(I’m blushing, Lucy is very sweet!)

Thank you so much for sitting down to chat, Lucy! 


If you’d like to connect with Lucy, you can find her LinkedIn and instagram here: 


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