Members Focus Jamie Turner | Actual Music

We caught up with our member Jamie Turner about him and his businesses Actual Music and Dance Floor Couture he is awesome so lets take a look at what he has been up to.

Here's what we found out when we delved a bit deeper into the world of Jamie.....

Society1: When did you start your business and what do you do

Jamie: I’m a musician & run an artist management company called Actual Music  I’ve been self-employed since I finished uni in 2012 – so six years and counting. I also act as Director of Artists for DFC  who are the leading wedding entertainment company in the North-West. 

Society1: What’s your story? 

Jamie: Music has always been a passion of mine but I never thought I’d utilise it as a career. My family expected me to go into Medicine or something similar. It was only at the age of 17 where I was at a crossroads pondering on what to do next and decided to give it a go. I was fortunate enough to be offered a place at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts to study Music. LIPA is housed in Paul McCartney’s old high school and Paul founded the university himself. I had the privilege of studying alongside some incredibly gifted individuals and over those three years, I discovered that helping those individuals monetise their craft was the right pathway for me.

Society1: What inspires / drives you?

Jamie: I enjoy the process of creating projects, working with amazing people and providing an excellent service. I always like to work with people who drive me to become better – that’s how I’ve grown my business.




Society1: What are you working on at the moment?

Jamie: We’re about to launch a new project called ‘DFC LIVE’ which we hope will change the wedding entertainment market in the North-West, and become the market leader. 

Society1: What’s the big Dream?

Jamie:  To become a ‘music mogul’, for want of a better term! Ultimately I’d like to be at the forefront of this ever changing music industry, develop and break new artists, and make music that matters to people. I’m just going to have to pull my finger out before I start getting old…

Society1: Why did you choose Society1?

Jamie: It’s a fantastic place to be. I dip in and out of the space as and when required. It has everything you could want from a co-working space – the elegant desk areas, the well equipped meeting rooms, the kitchen and most importantly, the wide range of great people and businesses that exist within it.  


Take a look at Jamie in more detail: 

Dance Floor Couture

We can help ensure that your wedding feels seamless, fun and one truly unforgettable day.

Actual Music

Artist management fit for the 21st Century.

Now to the real you.......

Society1: Are you a hunter or a gatherer?


Jamie: Both. Jack of all trades – master of none!

Society1: What’s in your packed lunch?

Jamie: Ham & cheese on a baguette, Mars Bar & San Pellegrino Aranciata. Healthy, I know.

Society1: How do you like to relax?

Jamie: Usually by listening to folk music, spending time with good friends and family. There is usually beer and whiskey involved…

Society1: If you were to choose a super power, what would you choose?

Jamie: To be able to fly. Getting places would be so much easier.

Society1: Beach holiday / City Break?

Jamie: City break. I can do a couple of days on the beach and that’s me done. A city break gives me things to see, culture to absorb and people to interact with.

Society1: Money or kudos?

Jamie: Money. Money is kudos

Society1: Are you a bathroom singer?

Jamie: I sing backing vocals for my band – does that count?