Members Focus Nicola Darwen

We caught up with our member Nicola Darwen about her and her design business, she is awesome so lets take a look at what she has been up to.

Here's what we found out when we delved a bit deeper into the world of Nicola.....

Society1: When did you start your business and what do you do

Nicola: I’m a Graphic Designer who started freelancing in early 2017, I tackle all aspects of branding, identity and anything else you might need as a small or growing business.

Society1: What’s your story? 

Nicola: I began working in London with big brands like British Airways and Coca Cola, where I got valuable experience in everything from the thrill of the big idea to the nitty gritty of production. In 2016 I left to travel North and South America with my now husband, before finally returning to Preston to start the next chapter of my career!

Society1: What inspires / drives you?

Nicola: Helping other businesses thrive through great design and creative – one of the best parts of my job is being able to dip into different sectors and see how clients can flourish.

Society1: What are you working on at the moment?

Nicola: Over the last year I have been involved in the branding and note design for the Lake District Pound, a local currency which launched last month. Each note exchanged boosts the local economy, and the profits are split between foundations that keep the Lake District beautiful and accessible for all – and they look pretty great too!

Take a look :

Lake District Launches its own Currency 



Society1: What’s the big Dream?

Nicola: To continue growing, seek out collaborations, and keep doing what I’m doing for as long as possible.

Society1: Why did you choose Society1?

Nicola: It’s the perfect opportunity for someone like me (who’s more often than not hunkered down behind a laptop!) to meet new people and find out what’s happening in local creative networks.






Take a look at Nicola in more detail:

Now to the real you.......

Society1: Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

Nicola: Gatherer

Society1: What’s in your packed lunch?

Nicola: Dark Chocolate

Society1: How do you like to relax?

Nicola: I should say a good book, but I’m sucked into netflix more than I care to admit…

Society1: If you were to choose a super power, what would you choose?

Nicola: Bernard’s watch

Society1: Beach holiday / City Break?

Nicola: City

Society1: Money or kudos?

Nicola: Kudos


Society1: Are you a bathroom singer

Nicola: …and an even more enthusiastic car singer.

Society1: Who’s your inspiration?

Nicola: An impossible question with so many badass women in design out there!

Society1: If you want to treat yourself, what do you do / have / buy? 

Nicola: Travel

Society1: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why? 

Nicola: Dark Black – ‘I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour’







Thank you Nicola for choosing Society1, we love having you here and thank you for sharing about you and what you are doing. 

If you are interested in finding out more details about Nicola connect with her via the link above or email her