Coworker Focus: Dr Steffan Evans | Evotech CAE Ltd

We caught up with our coworker Dr Steffan Evans about him and his business Evotech Ltd. Steffan has been a member at Society1 for a couple of months now. A great guy to have in our community.

Here's what we found out when we delved a bit deeper into the world of Steffan.....


Society1: When did you start your business and what do you do?

Steffan: I started Evotech CAE Ltd at the end of 2015. I’m a consulting Chartered Mechanical Engineer, specialising in Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Engineering Simulation Software. This allows companies to design, test, evaluate and optimise a structure in a virtual environment before any physical manufacture takes place. I’ve worked with many Aerospace, Space, Automotive and Formula One companies over my career, although I now tend to help SMEs who don’t have access to in-house technology. I’m also a technical reseller for an American CAE company, MSC Software, an early NASA offshoot, who were one of the world’s first ten software companies, back in the sixties!


Society1: What’s your story? 

Steffan: I have a PhD in Engineering Simulation Technology and worked ‘client-side’ both as an employee and sub-contractor in many different industries. I started Evotech CAE after working with a couple of SMEs outside of my main sub-contract roles and realised that there we a market for a small consultancy of this type. Starting on my own was scary at first, but I’ve grown my client base successfully over the past couple of years to the point that I now know what I’m doing!

Society1: What inspires / drives you?

Steffan: I’m a mega-nerd, plain and simple, but I love the balance between scientific theory and the art of making things a reality! The technology I use and sell really is at the cutting edge of the industries I work with. The best part is seeing a super-cool product that is made better by my input. I recently rode an Evotech-designed mountain bike through a forest at 45mph, safe in the knowledge that it was both structurally sound and super-lightweight. The ’16-year old me’ would never have thought that was possible!





Society1: What are you working on at the moment?

Steffan: A lot of my work is client-confidential, but I have been involved with a UK-based road bike company, who have allowed me to ‘market’ their development story. This was the world’s first commercially-available titanium frameset made through Additive Manufacture (metallic 3D printing). This allows the end user the flexibility to customise bike geometry, ride handling and comfort. With a cost of over £5k for each unique frame, they wanted to make sure that they were doing it right. Have a look:


I’m also embarking on the development of online training courses, for a global market. I’ve developed a ‘Learning Management System’ through WordPress focused on the CAE software I sell. I’ve done a lot of classroom-based training, so this is a new venture. Just trying to open my skills up to new markets.


Society1: What’s the big Dream?

Steffan: I’m happy with things at the moment – if I can keep Evotech ticking over, then that’s great. I like the work/life balance that being my own boss gives me. I wouldn’t say no to a brand-new Porsche though.

Society1: Why did you choose Society1?

Steffan: I could write two pages, just on this! There are so many benefits, mainly around productivity (Alex at Society 1 put it nicely – “there are fewer procrastination tools here”), the social aspects of having a chat/brew with fellow humans and the intangible benefit of getting out of the bedroom office to work in a ‘real’ office. Plus, after many years of dull engineering offices, the feel of the place is awesome. I’ve worked out that if I turn off the heating at home, have a minimum of three coffees and eat five bananas, it’s cheaper than working at home!


Take a look at Evotech in more detail:

Now to the real you.......

Society1: Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

Steffan: Definite Beta male, although I have won the Dad’s race at Sports Day two years running!

Society1: What’s in your packed lunch?

Steffan: Subway, all day, every day. My loyalty points total looks like a phone number.

Society1: How do you like to relax?

Steffan: Riding my bike. Road, MTB, but mainly BMX – I’m used to people shouting ‘get a real bike’ at a grown man on a silly kid’s bike, but I don’t care!

Society1: If you were to choose a super power, what would you choose?

Steffan: The ability to have a lie-in at the weekend? ‘Super-Lie-In Man’. I wake up way too early at the best of times.

Society1: Beach holiday / City Break?

Steffan: City break. Just booked tickets to see Metallica in Berlin next year.



Society1: Money or kudos?

Steffan: Mudos!

Society1: Are you a bathroom singer

Steffan: I’m Welsh, so I’ll sing anywhere. Just ask…

Society1: If  you were an animal what would you be?

Steffan: Small red dragon (see above).

Society1: Who’s your inspiration?

Steffan: John Shuttleworth. Have you heard his new album? By ‘eck, it’s great!


Society1: If you want to treat yourself, what do you do / have / buy? 

Steffan: I’m pretty into building and riding old/vintage/weird bikes, so I do like a random flutter on some junk I’ve just found on eBay.


Society1: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why? 

Steffan: Chrome? Pretty 80s and shiny, although liable to rust, if not cared for properly. 


Evotech Case Studies: Evotech has worked on some amazing products, take a look at some fantastic examples of their work.


Thank you Steffan for choosing Society1, we love having you here and thank you for sharing about you and what you are doing. 

If you are interested in finding out more details about Steffan connect with him via the links above or email him at