Coworker in Focus : Tracey-Jane Hughes | Corporate Listening

We caught up with our coworker Tracey-Jane about her and her business. Tracey-Jane is an entrepreneur, business coach, author and mentor. She has a passion for people and their development both personally and in business. She has a big heart and big ideas and an amazing story of her career so far.

Here's what we found out when we delved a bit deeper into the world of Tracey-Jane.....

 Society1: When did you start your business and what do you do?

Tracey-Jane: Corporate Listening helps individuals, teams, businesses and organisations to improve performance and results by listening better at every stage and in every part of the business.

I work with companies, charities and individuals using training, listening (yes, just listening, but it’s taken a long time to get really good at it), action learning sets, coaching and workshops in the right mix for them and the results they want to achieve from their investment.


Society1: What’s your story? 


My first business started in June 2004 when my 2nd son was 3 months old and everything else has stemmed from there. Bras4mums specialised in giving advice and selling maternity and nursing bras online after I’d originally started offering a home bra fitting service. This grew to include bras4all which is exactly what it says. Both of these were sold in 2014.


I developed Bra Lady, a consultancy, training and support company including a network for self employed bra fitters, in 2009 which I still run and develop.


After some time feeling this wasn’t enough, and working with some lovely teams and businesses helping them develop and grow, I realised that I had more to offer and needed to offer my expertise to a wider audience.


Business Cheerleading Club was born, which supports small businesses through online training, group coaching and learning from experts.


It still wasn’t enough though, and my experience of listening for personal and professional development as a volunteer trainer with One2One listening service in Preston got me thinking that this was what I’m really about – helping others to listen.


It’s taken time, but now Corporate Listening is focusing on growing teams, companies and organisations by doing things differently. Taking people outside their comfort zones and actually listening to colleagues and themselves. It’s fascinating how much this is helping in short sessions and time frame.


I’m also setting up a social enterprise Listen2Me, which focuses on helping children and young people to listen to themselves and have someone to listen to them, so they can become more resilient in life and learn to be themselves.





 My first book was published in May, Passion is not Enough, which is helping not just business and enterprise owners focus on their passion and vision, but it’s helped individuals, leadership teams in schools and faith groups and charities look at things in a new way for their growth and development. 


Society1: What inspires you / drives you?

Tracey-Jane: Making a difference and seeing other people grow, develop, have a light bulb moment, or make a change which makes them feel better. They often pass their learning on to others, so I get to see the ripple effect and that’s really powerful. 

Society1: What are you working on at the moment?

Tracey-Jane: Sharing the Listening message – we think listening is easy and a basic skill, yet so many people say they’re not listened to. Even at home. We all need to be listened to so that we can hear our thoughts better.


Society1: What’s the big Dream?


Tracey-Jane: To know that everyone has someone to listen to them, so they are confident to listen to themselves. We all have the answers within us, if only we had the right space to listen well.


Society1: Why did you choose Society1?

Tracey-Jane: We can do so much more as a community. I’ve already found like minded people, and even though there may not be joint work right now, sharing and collaborating helps generate more for every member of the community.


It’s a fabulous place to work too! My son was very surprised when he visited one day. 


Corporate listening with Tracey-Jane:

Action Learning Sets with Tracey-Jane at Society1:

Tracey has created two Action Learning Sets (or mastermind groups if you prefer that term) for business leaders just like Society1 members. One meets every 2nd Monday at Society1, the other is an online group every 3rd Wednesday if that fits your schedule better. Working with a group of masterminds who listen to you and help you listen to yourself will transform the way you think about and do business.

Now to the real you.......

Society1: Are you a hunter or a gatherer?



Tracey-Jane: Gatherer of people, ideas & books. I always seem to have 3 more on the pile to start reading when I’ve finished the current ones.


Society1: What’s in your packed lunch?


Tracey-Jane: Usually salads with maybe an egg or some tuna. Depends what my family have left in the fridge for me to pick at. Usually some cake too to make a balanced meal.


Society1: How do you relax?


Tracey-Jane: Walk, read and I’ve re-discovered sewing. I love sharing food with friends and family, and love nothing more than being by the sea, even when it’s windy and rainy.


Society1: If you were to choose a super power, what would you choose?


Tracey-Jane: Kindness – so I could spread it everywhere and ensure it got to all the hard to reach places in the world.


Society1: Beach holiday / City Break?


Tracey-Jane: Countryside – usually with hills or mountains where I can walk and breathe in the air.


Society1: Money or kudos?


Tracey-Jane: Neither. Seeing others grow and develop is enough.

Society1: Are you  bathroom singer?


Tracey-Jane: No. Sometimes you might find me singing in the car though!


Society1: If you were an animal what would you be?


Tracey-Jane: As a guide leader in years gone by my camp name was Cheetah – fast, smart and intelligent and focused on the end result I’d say was a pretty good fit?


Society1: Who’s your inspiration?


Tracey-Jane: Nelson Mandela – he always stood up for what he believed in. He was himself everyday and didn’t pretend to be someone or something else. He shared his values, beliefs and vision with others. He never gave up.


Society1: If you want to treat yourself, what do you do / have / buy?


Tracey-Jane: A day off! I’ll go for a walk and treat myself to lunch or tea. Maybe a new book to read too.


Society1: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?


Tracey-Jane: Orange as this symbolises: joy, warmth, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, happiness, fun, freedom.


Wow Tracey-Jane, you are a busy and interesting lady! Thank you for choosing Society1, we love having you here and thank you for sharing about you and what you are doing. 

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