Coffee Work Sleep Creative Meet Up

Unfortunately we have had to postpone this event.

Due to COVID-19 we have currently postponed all events at Society1.

Check back soon to find out when we will have more events like this. Stay Safe.

The CWS Creatives run a monthly Meet Up at Society1 for female creative business owners. They are relaxed and informative – no 60 elevator pitches in sight!

The Coffee Works Sleep Creative Meet Up is organised and hosted by Morgana Loze-Doyle.

What to expect from the CWS Creatives Meet Ups?

The CWS Creative meet up is an extension of the CWS creative community, the meet ups are  relaxed and friendly events designed to bring female indie and creative businesses together.

 There are no elevator pitches, just friendly chat.

The structure of the Meet Up varies a little but generally we open at 10am, with a speaker which is usually a CWS Creatives member speaking on a topic that’s relevant to their business and helpful to all the attendees. After their slot, and this could be a presentation, a chat, or something more creative, there is time to chat and get to know others in the community.

10:00 am
-12:00 pm
Wednesday, April 1, 2020