Slack Chat: Social Media Strategy

On Wednesday 22nd April we invite you to join us in our Slack Chat to discuss the topic ‘Tips on social media strategy’. Lucinda will be on hand to answer your questions and offer advise on what we could all be doing on Instagram and twitter to improve our presence and help our businesses. Lucinda is specialist in Instagram and Twitter She will be on hand during the chat to answer your questions and throw out some discussion points to help get the conversation going.

What is the idea behind Slack Chat?

We want to continue to offer our community a platform and opportunity to share ideas and best practice in a relaxed and friendly way. We have all been really busy with various video calls recently. We don’t want to load you up with too many more. Our Slack Chats offer a way for us to share knowledge, learn and ask questions in an informal way that allows us to dip in and out of the conversation as we like. Similar to how we would if we were having a chat in the kitchen at Society1.

The idea is to set a date and window of time where we chat about a topic of interest, share ideas and best practice. There will be an expert from our community on hand during the chat to help with the conversation and offer some pointers and advise too.

Our first Slack Chat about Social Media Strategy will run from 10am – 1pm on Wednesday 22nd April. We would love you to join us. Simply login into slack and join the conversation in the ‘Slack Chat’ channel

11:00 am
-1:00 pm
Wednesday, April 22, 2020