We Are Open.

We are so happy to share that we back open following closure due to COVID-19. 

It really has been a crazy couple of months....!

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us all hard in so many different ways. Our lives have been turned on their heads. Working from home, whilst home schooling. Thinking about finances, planning for the future and the infamous new normal we all keep referring to. We say those words like we know what it is going to be, but let’s face it we don’t know and soon we are going to have to start doing it. 

As a coworking space how do we get ready to open following COIVD-19?

This is the dilemma for all businesses not just ours! 

When to do it? 

How to do it? 

Does it feel like the right time? 

What measures do we have to put in place to make it possible? 

And the big one WILL PEOPLE COME BACK???????

These have been all the scary questions racing around our heads over the last 8 weeks. 


After the initial head spinning couple of weeks of digesting the situation, we quickly realised these are the questions we had to answer…. So, following some careful thought and planning we think we have some answers for our workspace at Society1. No doubt they will change and evolve over time, but we need to find a way to get back to the place we have nurtured and loved for the last 3 years and provide a safe space for our community to work and enjoy as much as they did before we had to temporarily close.


Our members have been amazing. The support they have shown each other, and us, has been wonderful. At times like this it really shows the importance of strong friendships as well as work relationships. We regard our members as friends and we can’t wait to work with them again.

So, what measures have we implemented?

Desk partitions:

When we created Society1 we worked hard to create an open and inspiring workspace which is reflected in the open plan design of the building. The thought of putting partitions and walls in scared the life out of us. Introducing standard fit cubicle office partitions just wasn’t an option. Instead we have custom made partitions for the desks using clear perspex providing the necessary screening between work stations for safety, without loosing the feel of the space.

Social distancing:

We are so lucky that we have space at Society1. We have been able to space desks and work stations out so that we follow the social distancing protocols. Our social spaces have lots of options too, so everyone will be able to take space for their lunch and coffee breaks.

Sanitising stations:

We have created sanitising stations throughout the building and everyone has access to sanitizing supplies if they want some for their areas. We have a robust cleaning schedule throughout the building too.

Advise and signs:

We are all getting used to seeing these things around. We have done our bit to ensure we have the relevant advise available.

Now we have these things in place we are confident that we can offer a safe workspace for all our members to come back too. We opened up on the 1st June and have had members in working each day. We have faith in Preston and the businesses around us that with the right community spirit and support we will get our beloved city back to full strength.


Now, Let’s get back to work 🙂

Thanks to NWDC for the amazing image of Society1 at the top of this piece.