At Society1, we run regular internal, bite-sized learning sessions for members, called Skills Scrums.

These are hosted by Society1 members or associates, who lead a Skills Scrum in their area of specialism. The sessions are short and focused on a single topic area. The groups are small, to offer targeted learning which supports attendees’ individuals need.

The Society1 Skills Scrum sessions are regular events at Society1, each with a different topic. 

If you would like to attend any of the following sessions, please book your place below:

If you would like to host a free session for the Society1 community please contact us too, we would love to talk to you.




This is the fourth in our Skills Scrum series, a free Society1 event: 


What content is right for your business? with Sam Martin.

In this session we will discuss the various different types of content, the creation process, being organised, the strategy and look at working examples of what will and won’t work for your business. Come ready to get your thinking caps on and to take away a piece of homework to start your content creating mission.


This is the fifth in our skills scrum series, a free Society1 event: 


Meta Learning: Improve your ability to Learn! with Michael Quigley.


In this skills session, we will be covering READING:

 – Learn how to improve your reading speed by up to 300%.

 – Learn how to retain information better. 

 – Learn how to properly store and recall information.


This session will provide clarity on how you learn, how you can go about continually improving your skills and apply them into your business, your interests and your life.


The next in our Skills Scrum Series, a free Society1 event: 

Introduction to Sign Language with Segun – YouMeSign 

Are you interested in learning Sign Language? Segun from YouMeSign in association with Society1 is offering an introduction to sign language.  

The teaching will involve basic things like introducing yourself, how to ask questions (who,what,etc), practising in pairs and some work related vocabulary. It is a great opportunity and will be fun.

  Past Events

Society1 bite size learning series for Society1 Coworkers. Each one hosted by a different person offering insights and help within their field.

As a small business, it is easy to fall into the trap of spending too much time on bookkeeping. We’ll share with you some useful best practices to help free up your time, introduce the benefits of using a cloud accounting software and also discuss a few simple tips to reduce that tax bill!

Society1 bite size learning series for Society1 Coworkers. Each one hosted by a different person offering insights and help within their field. 

Does the thought of speaking to customers fill you with dread? Do you know what to say and how to approach getting new customers? Do you even know where to start? Stephen Leishman from Selling Sells from will give you an insight into his 35 years of selling experience and is still selling and cold calling as part of his every day work life, want to open the door or get into large corporate companies? he will share his hints and tips on gaining new customer how to win them over or any other sales related questions or challenges you currently have.

Tuesday 25th September 18 –  9.30am – 10.30am
Society1 Skills Scrum hosted by Garth Dew.
Value Marketing – educate, entertain and inspire to win new business.

Society1 bite size learning series for Society1 Coworkers. Each one hosted by a different person offering insights and help within their field.

This session is hosted by Garth Dew

He will share his knowledge about how to get seen and heard on LinkedIn and be able to start conversations.

Tuesday 11th September 18 – 12 noon 
Society1 Skills Scrum – Conscious Breathing with Michelle Bondesio. 

Introducing Society 1 Skills Scrum 

An opportunity for us to share our knowledge and help each other with areas of challenge.

These bite-sized learning sessions cover simple topics in practical ways, which you can easily apply to support you and your business.


First up is a Growth Sessions 101 class, presented by Mich Bondesio on Tuesday 11th September at 12.00 noon.

In this 30 minute session, you will learn about and practice 4 different breathing techniques, which you can use to energise, relax, focus and manage stress and anxiety.

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 Skills Scrum: An introduction to Conscious Breathing, to promote mindfulness and manage stress.

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