Society1 Guide to Coworking. #1 What is a Coworking Space.



By Catarina King, co-founder Society1.

In this weekly guide we are going to have a look at the things we think make a great coworking space and answer some of the popular questions we get asked when people come to Society1.

First let’s start at the beginning….. #1 – What is a Coworking space?

A coworking space is a flexible workspace. A carefully designed space providing inspiration for creativity. A place where you can concentrate on getting your work done. Flexible plans allow you to work how often you need without contracts and leases.

A coworking space offers lots of things to help you in your work:

– Meeting rooms and breakout spaces provide a great place to meet clients.

– With a range of options from hot desks, dedicated desk and group spaces you can find the way to work that suits you.

– Strong and reliable internet is an absolute must at any good coworking space.

– Virtual office services where you can register your business at the office address.

AND the thing we think is really important……

At the heart of every great coworking space is a community of people to connect with and belong to.

At Society1 we have a wonderful group of people who are friendly and welcoming. Come and say hello next time you are passing by. We would love to show you around.

Part #2 looks at How can you use a Coworking Space. Click here to read.

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