Society1 Guide to Coworking. #2 How can I use a Coworking Space.



By Catarina King, co-founder Society1.

In this weekly guide we are going to have a look at the things we think make a great coworking space and answer some of the popular questions we get asked when people come to Society1. Last week we looked at What is a Coworking Space.

In Part 2 we will explore the popular question – How can I use a coworking space?

A carefully designed space – A well thought out coworking space offers a mix of different work areas. At Society1 we have 3 floors, each with it’s own vibe. There is also breakout and social areas, a kitchen and a proper coffee machine with fresh coffee and tea on tap.

Desk Space – Coworking spaces offer a range of monthly plans which you can choose from at a level to suit you, whether you just want an occasional day here and there or to come in everyday. At Society1 our plans start from £10 per month for pay as you go up to dedicated desk and group spaces.

Meeting rooms – Meeting rooms and training rooms provide a great way to meet clients in a professional space and present your business in the right way.

Community – People is the thing that makes coworking different from just any old office space. At Society1 we have a really friendly bunch of people. Our community helps and supports each other. There is no pressure to do anything it is simply a lovely, welcoming group of people happy to support and get to know other businesses in the area.

Socials and learning opportunities – Working on your own can be lonely. Coworking gives you the opportunity to meet with the community socially and take part in lots of free support initiatives. At Society1 we host lots events to support businesses. Normally these are in person but at the moment we are keeping things virtual.

Virtual office facilities – Where you can register your business at the coworking space address. This is great for your online presence then you don’t have your house popping up on a google search.

Our Top Tips:

– Plans only have 30 days commitment so you can move up and down the plans to suit what you need month to month.
– If you have a monthly membership you get discounts on meeting rooms.
– The socials are a great way to meet other people.
– At society1 we offer a free day pass to come and try coworking out for the day. Register here for yours.


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