Society1 Guide to Coworking. #4 Who uses a Coworking Space?



By Catarina King, co-founder Society1.

In this weekly guide we are going to have a look at the things we think make a great coworking space and answer some of the popular questions we get asked when people come to Society1. So far we have looked at 

#1 What is a Coworking Space?

#2 How can I use a Coworking Space?

#3 Why use a Coworking Space?

In Part #4 we will explore the popular question – Who uses a coworking space?

A whole range of people and businesses use coworking spaces. From independent freelancers to teams and local companies. Some people are in every day working away on the day job, others pop in now and again or simply use our virtual office services and book our rooms for client meetings.

We believe that a mix of different businesses makes for a strong community, we don’t focus on specific industries and welcome anyone to join us. At Society1 we have an amazing mix of businesses in our community, here’s a few..:
• Film makers
• Podcast makers
• Coders
• Engineers
• SEO specialists
• Architects
• Web and Graphic designer
• Brand specialists
• An Ethical New platform
• Accountants
• Project control specialists
• Business development coaches
• Product designers.
• Writers
• Sales professionals
• Life coach
• Social media specialists
• Care providers
• Local institutions
• Solicitors
• Recruitment specialists.

What a mix of people. For us this is where the magic happens. With such a variety of people working from here we have a rich and varied community. There is lots of support for each other and everyone is always willing to give a point in the right direction or some words of wisdom. The other thing that happens here is that you feel like you are part of something bigger. You inadvertently gain work colleagues but as someone said to me….without the office politics.

Our Top Tips:

– Plans only have 30 days commitment so you can move up and down the plans to suit what you need month to month.
– If you have a monthly membership you get discounts on meeting rooms.
– The socials are a great way to meet other people.
– At society1 we offer a free day pass to come and try coworking out for the day. Register here for yours.


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