Society1 Guide to Coworking. #5 What should I expect when I start?



By Catarina King, co-founder Society1.

In this guide we are going to have a look at the things we think make a great coworking space and answer some of the popular questions we get asked when people come to Society1. So far we have looked at 

#1 What is a Coworking Space?

#2 How can I use a Coworking Space?

#3 Why use a Coworking Space?

#4 Who uses a Coworking Space?

In Part #5 we will explore the popular question – What should I expect when I start?

First up, you should expect a really friendly welcome! There is an open and helpful community of people working at Society1 who are always ready to welcome new people. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. We have an online community as well as the physical one at Society1 HQ, so you can easily get to know who is here.

A turn key work solution. We will get you set up with your own account, wifi login and door access so you can simply come in and get started. Set up is straight forward so you can be in working from your first day.

Connecting with other people and businesses. We have a rich community of all different businesses at Society1. From freelancers to large organisations. We can help introduce you to the right people. It’s amazing what a simple introduction can do. We also have local partners in the wider Lancashire community, we can help you find the right people you should be talking to, if we can’t there will no doubt be someone in the community who can.

A little bit of social. We regularly have socials at Society1. Normally we have them in person where we have a drink and chat at the end of the day, usually a Friday. Recently we have been having our socials virtually, which have been a great opportunity to stay connected. They are a great opportunity to meet a few people. I think we all miss a bit of social working from home! We can’t wait to start doing them in person again soon.

If you are curious to see what coworking is all about, we offer anyone new to us a free day pass to come and try it out. It’s a great way to get a feel for it and see if you like it. Register here for yours.

Our Top Tips:

– Plans only have 30 days commitment so you can move up and down the plans to suit what you need month to month.
– If you have a monthly membership you get discounts on meeting rooms.
– There are lots of different businesses and people in coworking communities. They are an invaluable sounding board when you work for yourself. 

– You don’t have to commit to full time rentals. If you just want to work an odd day here and there you can.

– Virtual office plans allow you register you business at our address. It gives your business a professional front, a city centre address, plus it means you don’t have your house popping up on a google search online. Find more info on this one here.



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