So what's a Virtual Office... and why would I need one?

A Virtual Office allows you to host your business from our premises without having to be here everyday. Your business can benefit from a city centre address without having to have an office here. We offer address registration, postboxes, post handling and phone lines.

Maybe you work from home?
A virtual office gives you a separate business address away from your home. You can register your business here with companies house and use our address on Google maps so no-one gets to know where you live.

Do you need a phone line?
We offer phone line services where you can have a phone line either here or diverted to any number you wish. Our phone exchange allows you to have any UK landline area code, use call forwarding and digital voicemail forwarding.

Need a satellite business address? Or someone to handle your post whilst you are away?
Our address and post box services mean that we can handle your post for you. Onsite post boxes mean we can store your mail or arrange post forwarding for you.

Virtual Office Packages start from just £30 per month. Our Virtual office package includes:

• Our City Centre Address for your Business Address.
• A Post Box
• Post Forwarding
• Community Membership to Society1.

Join community events, message board and get discounted day passes and meeting rooms too.

Extras available:

• Business phone line too with any UK landline number.
• With Direct access to your number.
• Call forwarding • Electronic voicemail

FANCY A FREE DAY PASS for society1?